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        1. สล็อตปอยเปตการเดิมพัน

          Proposed Articles and Bylaws for the Creekside Homeowners Association

          To be voted on by all homeowners. Ballots will be mailed end of May.

          A R Articles – Final For Voting (07197486xA12BD)

          A R Bylaws – Final for Voting (07197485xA12BD)


          Creekside is a picturesque neighborhood nestled in the southwest part of Longmont, CO. Creekside is home to 157 custom and semi-custom built homes most which were built in the 1990s. Residents of Creekside enjoy large yards and spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains.

          All property owners of Creekside are members of the Creekside I Home Owners Association. Creekside I HOA is managed by an elected board of directors who are charged with enforcing covenant rules and maintaining HOA mon property. The board of directors appoints an Architectural Control mittee which reviews proposed changes to structures and landscaping to protect and enhance the investment and property values of all properties in Creekside.

          Creekside I HOA sponsors an annual summer picnic for Creekside residents and has an annual winter holiday luminara program which attracts residents throughout the city who e to see the holiday lights.

          The Creekside I HOA belongs to the Longmont Neighborhood Group Leadership Association. The NGLA fosters programs to encourage neighborhood improvements through Neighborhood Activity Grants and Neighborhood Improvement grants.

          Creekside is also adjacent to one of Longmont’s nicest parks, Lefthand Creek Park, which has many facilities including an in-line skating rink, soccer fields, a picnic shelter, and a playground for children.


          In the 1860’s, not far from the Creekside neighborhood, the town of Burlington grew up around the Burlington Stage stop where the Overland Stage trail crossed the St. Vrain Creek. The Overland Stage route is now U.S. route 287 or Main Street in Longmont.

          Settlers from the east built cabins and homesteads all along Left Hand Creek in the 1860s. In the 1870s the Colorado Central Railroad pleted a track from Golden through Boulder to Longmont which today runs northwest of the Creekside neighborhood. Once irrigation ditches were built to bring water from the creeks, the arid prairie land around Creekside was farmed. Area maps from the 1940’s and 1970’s show several farm buildings and agricultural lands in the Creekside neighborhood area.

          In July, 1987, the Creekside and Rainbow Ridge neighborhoods, known then as the Pike Neighborhood, were annexed to the City of Longmont. The neighborhood streets and utility services infrastructure was built out by the Creekside Development pany with the first houses being built in 1990. Left Hand Park was deeded to the city in April, 1995.


          We’re interested in everyone’s thoughts about Creekside and what we can do to improve our neighborhood. Please send suggestions via e-mail with HOA in the header to:

          The Creekside HOA Board

          Making A Change

          Exterior House Remodels, House Painting and other Architectural Changes must receive approval from the Creekside Architectural Design mittee (ADC).

          Please contact the chairman of the mittee, Jackie Wahl at jawa13@cast.net .

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